This is the quantum physics of optical illusions, according to its proponents.

Last week’s cat puzzle appeared to be un-crackable? People are having a meltdown on social media in an attempt to figure out yet another popular, animal-based optical illusion that just 1 percent of people can solve, according to reports.

In a viral video that explains the corneal calculus, illusion connoisseur @pasillusion claims, “Only 1 percent of people can find the second animal in this image,”

@pasillusion Can YOU See The Hidden Animal?! Let me know! #illusion #animal #viral #fyp ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

The picture, which is sure to send you careening into orbit, depicts a dolphin feeding on a fish while an ocean liner sails away in the background.

Many people were fooled by the image believing the fish to be the second creature, even though it was actually a frog.

The second animal depicted in the video, however, is actually a flock of birds — at least a few of them are. Users merely need to turn their phone upside down to view Flipper eating a fish in the waves transform into a flock of birds flying over the sea, according to the clip.

The dolphin’s inverted tail and head form two distinct birds with the latter evoking a pelican flying with a fish in its mouth and the water splatters referring to the ends of its wings. The rest of the flock is made up of upside-down white caps from the sea.