In nature, camouflage is very important for the survival of some animal species. Blending into the surroundings can help shield the animals from some predators including humans. Challenging the brain can be taken to an entirely different level in a complex challenge. The complex challenge displays numerous owls with something well hidden in-between them. Within the many owls, there is something hiding in plain sight. There is one cat hiding amongst the owls serving a higher purpose of just an ordinary puzzle.

There used to be an older version of the challenge that presented a cartoonish version of the animals. However, the newer version presented a more realistic approach to the challenge. The entirety of the picture has owls with some of the same appearances and coloring. When a person approaches this challenge, they begin thinking “this will be easy to find a cat amongst owls.” With all the same features and colorings, the chaos provided by the picture will prove it to be more difficult than just one glance and finding the cat. Many people neglect one of the most important parts of this challenge though. This important aspect is eyesight. However, there can be a few steps toward improvement of someone’s eyesight according to CooperVision.

The entire body relies on a healthy diet and so does the eyesight health of individuals. For healthy vision, one requires a healthy diet including a diet rich in vitamin A and lutein. Vitamin A providing rhodopsin which could help improve the low light vision of an individual. It helps by separating shading and shadows. With the owl and cat picture as an example, it could help a person differentiate the cat from the owls. Lutein has many health benefits, especially for eye health. It can help the eye from too much light. One myth, told by many parents, is that carrots are good for eyesight. It turns out with the higher levels of vitamin A and lutein in the carrots this is not a myth after al. There are many other vegetables that can help better the eyesight especially leafy greens since they hold higher amounts of the substances to help better the eyesight. However, leafy greens and carrots are not the only sources rich in eyesight helping substances. Animals provide some sources of eyesight-rich substances such as cod liver oil and butter. As one may think the owl challenge is just a fun mind puzzle it can serve a higher purpose than that. This challenging picture can help a person realize the importance of eyesight and jumpstart the process to bettering their vision while still also providing a fun aspect to it.