Most of us do not spend a lot of time thinking about how well we see color. After all, most of us do not even think about color much. There is one quiz that is based on Farnsworth-Munsell Vision Test that can tell you how well you see colors.

The quiz was created by someone named Syndie Silver. She stated that the only ones who will be able to do well on the test are the ones who have superior vision. The test asks people to arrange colors by their hue.

It also asks people to differentiate between different shades of color.

According to the test, if you can get most of the questions right, then you have super human eyesight. Syndie also claims that the test tells you a little bit about how well you use your imagination.

The Farnworth-Munsell Vision Test has been around since 1949. Even though the test is nearly 70 years old, it is till one of the most popular vision tests today. In fact, many people use this test to detect color blindness.

Dean Farnworth was the one who developed the Farnsworth-Mussell Test. He developed the test while he was serving time in the military.