In recent weeks the state of California is facing another serious issue that is not related to the covid-19 pandemic. This issue is unique but very serious. People have discovered and accused the state of having racist trees. The racist trees are located on a golf course called the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course. The trees were planted on the golf course in the 1960s and the reason why the trees are supposed to be racist is that the golf course is located in a predominantly black neighborhood that catered to only white golfers. It is said in today’s time that racism has either gone away or severely decreased. So individuals in this community seem to wonder why these trees are still standing. The community is wondering this because the trees were put up along with a chain-link fence to keep the black residents away from the white golfers.

The trees and the fence have a very negative effect on the neighborhood by lowering the property value. The trees have also been a long-time obstruction of the view to the golf course. People in the community also feel that the trees and the fence send a negative message that segregation and black oppression still exist in the area. Because of all these reasons, the city council will try and see if they can have the trees and the fence removed from the golf course. People in the local black community feel that the trees and the fence are very offensive because they symbolize black hate. They also think that it is 2021 and that these symbols are no longer relevant and should be shown. They feel it is time for change and they are demanding the change.

The mayor of California, Robert Moon, and other city and state officials offer their sincere apology for the symbolic racism in that local black community. This was a very honorable thing that the mayor of California and other state and city officials did. It shows that you do not have to be black to recognize racism and something unjust. They all also agree that the trees and the fence should not have been there in the first place, but unfortunately, it is what racism and segregation were a vital part of American culture. These trees have sent the wrong message over the generations consistently. Keeping the trees and the fence up insinuates that racism against black people is okay and it tells other races outside of the black community that it is okay to treat black people as less and not equal. The mayor was unable to answer why it took so long for them to do something about this issue. He did state that what’s important is that something will be done moving forward.

The city council has created a plan that would include a complete renovation of the golf courses landscaping. This renovation will consist of the removal of the trees and the fence. They will also be planting shrubs and trees that are pleasing to everyone in the community. One resident thinks differently than the city officials and the African Americans in the community. He believes that the trees are still living and anything living should not be destroyed regardless of its history. To sum it up, this resident states that black people should get over segregation and what happened in the fifties and the sixties and move on. Removing these trees would not change how people feel on the inside. The trees can be removed, but racism, unfortunately, will always exist even if the trees do not.