Who Knew A Tree Could Be Racist?

The state of California is in some hot water right now. One of the many issues the state is facing(outside of the COVID-19 pandemic) is, and I am not kidding, racist trees.

Okay, time for a little backstory here.

Back in the ’60s, a golf course had planted a row of trees that some said had been racist. The story goes that a row of Tamarisk trees was planted at the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course. What makes that so interesting is: One, the golf course was located in a predominately black neighborhood. Two, the golf course catered to mostly white golfers.

The trees and chain-link fence were created to keep the black residents away from the white golf course. Can we say segregation, at its worst?!

That was then. That brings us to today. Now times have changed, for the most part. I guess it depends on who you talk to.

The city council(among others) are looking to have the trees and fencing removed from the site. Many argue, and they would be right, that it still sends a sign of segregation and black suppression.

Not only that, but the tress have obstructed views for a long time. They have also helped to decrease property values in the neighborhood.

“We are not living in 1960, anymore. The trees and fencing are offensive(to say the least). This was a symbol of suppression, oppression, and black hate. Those symbols are no longer relevant. We never should have had them to start with. It just brings more awareness to white privilege and how(for so long) the rich, white class has ruled the roost. It is time for things to change”.

In a surprising turn of events, the mayor of California, Mayor Robert Moon, apologized on behalf of the city for the racist symbolism that overtook the city and state.

Other city officials joined him in condemning the action. According to other city officials, the tress and fencing never needed to be there.

“They had no right to put those there. This sent and has been sending a very wrong and powerful message for many generations. They are telling people that this sort of racist action is okay. They are telling others that it is okay to treat the black community as less, not equal”.

We asked the mayor why it has taken so long to do something about it.

” I cannot answer that question. I do not know why it took them this long to take care of the problem. We are here now, and that is all that matters”.

What is going to happen next is the question on everyone’s mind.

According to the city council, the area will go through a complete renovation and use different landscaping. They are going to remove the trees. They will plant different shrubs moving forward, making sure the shrubs and trees remain neutral and pleasing to everyone.

We asked one resident, in the area, for his thoughts on the problem.

“I do not understand what the issue is. Those trees are still living. I do not believe in tearing down a living, breathing thing, no matter how offensive it might be to other people. Look, I get the issue that alarms so many. Segregation served a purpose in the 50s and 60s. That was then, and this is now. People need to move on”.

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