Recently, Caitlyn Jenner has been devoting time to growing her wealth rather than being in the headlines. To advertise her new luxurious sunblock, Jenner posed naked for a photoshoot while taking a dip in her private pool. The snap shows that she doesn’t have tan lines, signaling that she probably hangs out topless often – and not just when she’s relaxing alone but also in the company of her much younger girlfriend.

Besides holding the container of sunblock, Jenner has her hair slicked back with her Olympic gold medal hanging around her neck and large black sunglasses. Her smile is enigmatic, much like that of the Mona Lisa.

Jenner and her close friend Sophia Hutchins collaborated to create the sunblock Lumasol. The silver-colored bottle it comes in makes it look like a pocket vibrator or perfume bottle.

The not-so-humble caption read: “Chillin’ with my two favs @mylumasol and my medal.”

The image received thousands of likes and comments from fans. One person said, “You look so beautiful.”

Even though Jenner regularly finds herself at the center of public controversies related to her transition from male to female, she has remained in the public spotlight for over five years. In addition to continuing to make waves with statements and actions, Jenner also cashes in by releasing new products that fans love.

Additional comments on the post included: “Caitlyn out here skinny dipping her best life.”

One fan added: “Cait, you’re looking great.”

In the competitive arena of the 1979 Olympic Games in Canada, Caitlyn Jenner walked away with the gold medal in the Men’s Decathlon- an amazing feat for any woman.

Even though her ex-wife’s son-in-law, Kanye West, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, Caitlyn Jenner is moving forward and developing products that have real value. While not many people would be willing to spend a lot of money on a high-end sunblock, there is still a market for such products, as Kendall Jenner proved when she released her Moon line of teeth whitening products. They are featured in retailers like CVS and others.

While some might say that Kanye West is going through a mental breakdown, Caitlyn Jenner couldn’t be doing better- she’s making money hand over fist with her new product release. She is determined to be Kanye’s best vice president selection. And why not? She has already proven herself as a successful businesswoman, she is dedicated like an Olympic athlete, and also has a good sense of fashion. That seems to be more than what many other people who have been considered for the position can offer.

Unfortunately for Jenner, Kanye turned to Michelle Tidball – “an obscure preacher from Wyoming.” She runs a Hebrew website that provides religious guidance. With the negative impacts of COVID-19, her life coaching business has suffered as many clients stopped following her advice.

However, it’s possible that West will change his perspective. If he becomes upset with Tidball, he might instead turn to a more reliable woman in his life, his former stepparent-in-law.