Getting to travel as a part of your job is often deemed as a privilege. Most see a company trip as an expense to their time or their wallets. When your trip is funded via the brands you represent and the people you are involved with, these travels can seem like a vacation.

For Veronica Bielik, life continues to keep her wheels up at all times. There isn’t a place on the map that you could point to that Veronica hasn’t been.

This Polish model excels in different settings and locations, often taking many luxurious trips to explore the brands she is involved with or to have a get-away photo session. Bielik claimed her fame at an early age. She has a very bubbly personality but also applies a knack for working hard and tirelessly to achieve her goals. Bielik quickly turned to model as the platform she wanted to use to start her career. She started small, but many major brands came calling in quick fashion. Fame blinked right in front of her eyes and she was traveling all across the globe a short time after.

When she has some downtime, Bielik can be found surfing through social media sites and uploading photo strips from her latest travels. She documents each time she visits a new country and creates and an Instagram album for each country. Touring these countries also helps to showcase her love for the outdoors. She has embarked on many trips, so she is also one to tour some of the most famous places that a region is known for. Most of her shoots detail a personal importance to her and she credits these in the comment sections of each photo.

Fans are also allowed to post their comments so long as they are tasteful. Bielik spends a lot of time waiting in airport terminals, so playing interactive games with her fans has become one of her hobbies. She continues to travel the world on the dime of her provided brands. Her involvement and work ethic are to be praised with the terms that they commit her to. Bielik will continue to chronicle her travels and ensure that she shares every bit of information with her family, friends, and fans. Follow along with Bielik and find out where she is destined to land next.