For most people family always comes first. They put themselves before other family members in all sorts of experiences of life to protect them. There is one family in particular that had one child to show this kind of love putting himself in danger to protect his sister. A young boy named Bridger Walker from Cheyenne, Wyoming showed this kind of compassion to his little sister Nicole leaving him scarred.

One day while Bridger Walker was outside with his little sister Nicole, a loose German Shepard noticed them. The dog was intrigued with the little girl and began to run towards her showing intention of harm. Bridger noticed the dog running and realized what kind of danger his sister was in. He hurried over to her to save her from being harmed and he ended up being attacked by the German Shepard. He was hugely injured in his face before further help had come and before the dog ran off. Bridger was significantly hurt, leading him taken to the hospital immediately where he was taken into surgery right away. Bridger stated he would not have done anything differently except for the injuries he occurred, he rather is him than his sister.

The family was grateful their children were still alive but worried as the damage to Bridger’s face could not be corrected without proper plastic surgery. The damage on his face would not only leave massive scarring but lead his life much differently if gone untreated. Their story spread like wildfire through social media leading to many respondents wanting to help. A well-known dermatologist named Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali from New York City heard their story. He paid for the entire family to come to New York City where he could do a thorough examination of the injuries so he could develop the best plan for recovery.

Treatments on Bridger’s left side of his face were in the works when the horrible COVID began. This pandemic made it hard to travel and with social distancing, in place, it worried the family that they wouldn’t be able to get the proper surgery done in time before Bridger’s face had healed too much. The family was able to locate another doctor that wouldn’t involve any air travel. This doctor was located in Utah making it very easy for the family to travel by vehicle instead of an airplane. The procedure has been in the works putting this family more at ease. The Walker family has received so much support and help during this horrific event, it has left them forever appreciative. Bridger Walker to some might be just another young boy but in his family’s eyes and so many others, he is a hero.