During a vacation in Hawaii with her lover, Sam Asghari, Britney Spears went to the internet to exercise her voice about paparazzi that were violently abusing her privacy. Currently already dealing with issues pertaining to her conservatorship, Spears figured a trip to Hawaii would help her unwind and decompress. Paparazzi didn’t quite feel the same way nor took any hint of allowing Britney Spears her desired privacy. Spears stated that paparazzi were infiltrating her trip to the point where it was hard to share a memorable moment with her boyfriend due to the significant amount of candid shots being taken. Aside from Spears understanding that the shots were being taken for her updated 2021 look, she was beyond upset with the way she was being treated and spared no one when she decided to take her voice to the internet.

Spears spoke upon the fact she knew that the paps knew where she was located and how she indeed did not receive any entertainment while on the vacay. The video landed itself on E! News and addressed that as a celebrity it was indeed hard to go anywhere without having cameras in her face. Not only was the consistent photos becoming too much, but also the fact that the paparazzi were distorting her photos to where they were nowhere near identical to what she really looked like. Spears made a video to show off her figure and put any photo-shopped videos to rest and to let the public know to screw themselves. She expressed that what they were doing was insulting and rude to her livelihood and that they exaggerating her image to the extent where it was embarrassing. She let them know that she did not want to interact in any conversation while she was on her phone and that if they were going to take photos to refrain from messing with the pictures by editing them. Knowing that some fans and paparazzi just wanted to get close to her, Spears showcased one of the videos she was featured in with Lily Allen and ended the video with her fans singing,”Oops I Did It Again,” letting the public know that this is what she fans and paparazzi should be doing instead of creating public humiliation and distortion.

During a recent court appearance, Britney Spears let the court know that the facade of being happy and okay was a lie and that she indeed was in shock, traumatized, and beyond angry. Spears followed up by explaining that she thought if she portrayed a happy image then it would be enough for her to become happy. Of course, this was not the truth nor did it change the way she was feeling inside about the whole ordeal. Spears publicly announced how she was scared of people and did not trust the actions of people after what she had been put through. As if being publicly tortured wasn’t enough, Spears has been undergone the IUD birth control surgery to where she is unable to have any kids and is not allowed to have it removed due to the conservators. She believes that the conservatorship is abusive and is withholding her from living a full life as she would like. As with anyone, being under someone’s hold can be quite troublesome and could potentially get to the point of needing personal therapy to reverse any long-term side effects.