The bridge-building video you’re about to see is quite amazing, and it may revolutionize the way construction procedures are carried out in the future. What appears to be a caterpillar machine slowly rolling across an unfinished bridge is actually the SLJ 900/32 Segmental Bridge Launching Machine. As most of us already know, building bridges requires a lot of time, patience, legwork and precision. While the precision aspect still remains the most important requirement of all, the time and labor costs involved are being dramatically reduced with this innovative creation.

This invention will likely change the scaffolding/bridge-building business for decades to come. Made by the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company, the machine itself is capable of constructing and erecting bridgework with alarming accuracy and cost effectiveness as well. As you’ll see in the video, the SLJ 900/32 is able to carry a lengthy bridge segment and precisely place the concrete slab extension where it needs to be. Although the process may appear to be extremely intricate, the programming design of the SLJ 900/32 is simple in nature and gets the job done faster than ever before.

The crews of specialists are present at the job site to ensure that the Segmental Bridge Launching Machine is operating smoothly, which includes making sure that each slab of extended concrete is situated exactly in its proper place. As it stands, the SLJ 900/32 is the only one of its kind, yet that scenario is likely to change in the near future. Because of the fact that cost-effective bridge and rail systems are desperately needed across the world, the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company will likely invest in the future of how these transport systems will be constructed. Amazing!