Dealing with people may prove difficult since the way you associate with one person is not acceptable to another. Some members of your circle may like and take jokes lightly, but others may tolerate none of them. Therefore, learn your family and friends very well to avoid crossing anyone’s lines. Also, dealing with people with no disability may differ from how you should handle and relate with people with disabilities. A joke that may look normal to a non-disabled person may anger the disabled one. To avoid lowering the self-esteem of your friends, avoid opening your mouth anyhow. Learn first the type of people you are dealing with to determine the right words to use. People with disabilities are mostly angered fast than other people since they think your jokes are made to criticize them and may develop a grudge from your innocent jokes. Also, parents with kids with disabilities are too emotional and tend to misinterpret your innocent acts towards their kids, terming it as mockery or disrespect even if you are a close family member.

There are various types of disability, and Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of them. Usually, people with Autism experience difficulties in speech, lack social skills, lack of coordination, aggressive behavior, and others. It can be difficult to determine if your baby is below one year, but as old as two years, the signs are unmistakable. A baby can have the disease at birth or may develop it later. The condition may either be mild or severe. Autism is not curable but can be controlled by regularly taking your baby for therapies. ASD is a lifetime disorder, but most babies get better as they get older. Handling autistic people requires a lot of patience, and parents may be angered by the kind of treatment you accord their babies, however innocent you might be. One bride found herself on the wrong side with her sister after banning her nephew, who is autistic, to put on a Spiderman outfit since he is a diehard fan of Spiderman. The bride had chosen her nephew to be the ring bearer. In most weddings, there is always a theme for that specific day. Every bride expects her special day to be successful and colorful, and according to this bride, her nephew’s choice of outfit would ruin her pictures, a thing she couldn’t allow.

When the day was due, the sister’s bride called her to inform her that the boy had his Spiderman costume on and could not take it off. Mostly, kids can be very much attached to their favorite superheroes, cartoons, games, among others, and for the bride’s nephew, it was Spiderman. Weeks before the wedding, his parents had tried to convince him to choose something different and was actually angered by their requests. Anger is a common symptom of children who have ASD. The bride requested his parents to ensure the boy puts on something semi-official when walking down the aisle and he can put on his costume at the reception, but the boy didn’t buy the idea either. Following the boy’s stubbornness, the bride ruled out his nephew won’t be the ring bearer and advised her sister to look for someone to babysit him. The bride’s sister couldn’t understand her and instead concluded that she discriminated against her son because of his condition, which wasn’t the case. After the boy’s mother took the issue to social media, many supported her viewpoint, but some said the bride was right since she had the final say on how her wedding should look like and people should refrain from judging brides.