With sports, there are contradicting episodes and gestures that players consider right while they are wrong before the law. An interview with Brett Favre caused uproar and criticism with the Anthem-kneeling style of NFL players. The anthem-kneeling trademark has been trending in NFL players. The kneeling technique pioneered by Collin Kaepernick has formed a division class among many Americans. Some see it as a symbol of honor and unity, while others view kneeling as a mockery to the protocols of the National Anthem.

Most of the time, Americans stand while singing the national anthem. But, the act of kneeling is unique and has raised eyebrows with the citizens. However, Brett Favre has held a neutral ground in expressing his Opinion about the action. Brett Favre is a renowned figure in NFL quarterback. In one interview, Brett Favre did not condemn the act but seem to evade the question and encourage unity among players. That is where Brett responded by few words that “there is no right answer”. He further stated that “other than the right answer, the good thing is that people get along.” From that response, it was clear that Brett Favre was concerned if the practice would disunite or unite the players.

In another expression of the interview, Favre recounted his footballing experience of twenty years. He cited how his team integrated regards to their color, status, race, or social background. Favre also identified equity as the pillar in teamwork and brotherhood. He further confirmed that cooperation and brotherhood was the reason for his team’s success. Moreover, he was very optimistic about the kneeling practice, which he viewed as of good intention. That is where Favre said that “in an anthem, if a player decided to stand for his cause or another to kneel for his belief all of them are right.” Lastly, on this topic, Brett emphasized that people must be treated equally in America’s Constitution.

In another interview, Brett Favre caused outrage to some fans when he compared Collin Kaepernick to Pat Tillman. These Fans felt that Collins Kaepernick and Pat Tillman were not on the same dimension. That is where Collins was the Anthem kneeling-style initiator, and Pat Tillman was a former NFL player who joined the army to counter the 2001 attacks. Therefore much credit is given to Pat, who sacrificed his lavishing career to deal with guns on the battlefield.

Though Pat Tillman perished for the Afghanistan war, he remains a country’s and NFL hero. Brett even suggested at that interview that Kaepernick would follow the heroism status of Mr. Tillman. That was another statement that surprised most Americans, and some also critiqued him fiercely. These citizens could not fathom how an ex-footballer soldier shared a heroic platform to a man they considered disrespectful to the National Anthem. From that Brett Favre interview, there is a heated debate about whether he was right or wrong. However, concerning the American constitution, Americans must stand and honor the National Anthem. So do you think Brett Favre was right or wrong? Or do you think the kneeling gesture in National Anthem is disrespectful or is right?