A boy in 7th grade from Michigan is being praised for his bravery. He took over a school bus that was carrying 66 students when the driver suddenly passed out. The student’s quick thinking may have prevented any harm to all the students on board.

The incident took place on a Friday afternoon when a bus was transporting students back to their homes after school. Joseph Campbell, the 50-year-old bus driver, suddenly collapsed while driving, causing the vehicle to swerve dangerously on the road. Davion noticed the unusual behavior of the bus and the unconscious driver and acted promptly to help.

Despite having no previous driving experience, Davion was able to take control of the bus. He grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and used his other hand to remove the unconscious driver’s foot from the accelerator. Davion then safely guided the bus to a stop on the side of the road.

After the bus stopped, a student called 911 and emergency services arrived. The bus driver, Joseph Campbell, was taken to the hospital and later regained consciousness. He is currently in stable condition and undergoing tests to find out why he passed out.

Davion has been widely praised by both the community and local authorities for his heroic actions. In a statement, Dr. Michelle Lang, the superintendent of the school district, commended Davion’s quick thinking and bravery and stated that his actions “undoubtedly saved lives.” She expressed gratitude for his courage and noted that the entire school community is proud of him.

Tameka Reed, Davion’s mother, expressed her immense pride in her son’s actions, stating that she is extremely proud of him. She mentioned that she has always taught her children to stay alert in their surroundings and lend a helping hand to those who need it. In this instance, her son’s attentive and proactive response proved to be crucial.

Davion received a certificate of valor from the local police department for his heroic act. Police Chief Thomas Alber praised Davion for his courage and quick thinking, describing his actions as “nothing short of extraordinary.”

The school district will be reassessing emergency procedures and safety protocols following the incident. Dr. Lang stated that the district will collaborate with the bus company to ensure the safety of students and staff. The district is also exploring the possibility of providing training to students on emergency response.

Davion Reed acted bravely and saved the lives of his fellow students during an emergency situation. This highlights the need for being prepared and vigilant to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The community is celebrating Davion’s heroism while also focusing on improving safety measures.