Many young boys & girls get adopted every single day but as it happens, this one is a bit more special than the rest. Ronnie Oneal is a kid with a dark past but he has not let that stop him from getting a happy ending. When he was just 8, his father snapped & went on to kill his girlfriend & their daughter. As if that were not bad enough, he went on to stab Ronnie & set their house ablaze. It’s not clear if he suffered any burns as a result of this but he was injured by the stabbing. In the aftermath, he was medevacked to the local hospital but it led to a new start for the boy. You see, one of the responding cops was detective Mike Blair & when he first arrived on the scene, he was informed of the lone survivor of this horrific tragedy. They did expect him to eventually succumb to his wounds but he was able to defy the odds & pull through.

As he began recovering in the hospital, Mike paid him a visit & it was not long before they started to form a special bond. As it turns out, the kid has an affinity for movies so when he would visit the hospital, the only thing Ronnie wanted to do with him was watching a film. Unfortunately, he was on the clock at the time so he did have to take a rain check but he vowed that he would return to enjoy a movie night with him at some point. He was pretty out of it from all the painkillers he was on anyway so he dozed off not long after he left but Mike never forgot about the promise he made to Ronnie. So when his wife was planning a date, he had a better idea for how to spend their evening. She then agreed to see a movie with the kid & when she first met Ronnie, it was clear that they were birds of a feather. After about a year in the hospital, he was finally well enough to be discharged but there was just one issue: the kid had nowhere to go.

But that situation did not last long. They soon contacted Mike & asked him if he knew of anyone who wanted to adopt the kid. He already had five of his own but, in spite of this, he did not hesitate for a second to welcome Ronnie into his family. So in 2019, they were finally able to bring him home & make him the newest Blair. Looking back on it all, the kid has said that despite everything that went down with his old family, he still has some fond memories of their time together. He recalls how his mom would push him on the swing & would cook him all types of delicious food. His sister was mute but they were still able to communicate with each other via ASL. He is now 12 & will be heading off to high school soon but despite his tragic past, he does not want to be remembered for that. When he grows up, he wants to act but right now, he is having a great time with his new family.