The trend of the “melting top” breastplate is becoming popular among social media influencers and stars who are donning it on red carpets and festivals. This fashion trend is both daring and stunning, resembling molten metal that has been poured over a person’s chest, covering a woman’s breasts and nipples. Celebrities such as Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking, who have a huge following on social media, along with the attendees of the Coachella festival, have surprised people on the internet with their tops that appear to be melted. Pictures of this viral fashion trend have gone viral.

Jacque Label, an American brand, sells the Drip Breastplates for around $500. Influencers at the California music festival wore these trendy breastplates for the first two days of the event, showcasing their fashion-forward outfits to the public.

Other people besides these influencers have been wearing these drip breastplates lately, including high-profile celebrities such as singer Ellie Goulding and actress Zendaya, as well as social media user Michaela who attended the same festival. These outfits are seen as a symbol of female empowerment.

Stylist Rochelle White recently had a conversation with the British company FEMAIL, and said “Coachella is a place to be free and creative with fashion and looks, so it makes sense that the melting breast place is very popular there.”

According to White, drip breastplates are going to gain more popularity worldwide in the upcoming months.

“I think that with the UK Summer festival season coming soon, we will be seeing more of this fashion.”

The Daily Mail published an article about a modern metal breastplate with a dripping design. Below are comments from individuals around the globe.

“say this as a feminist. Women need to stop wearing clothes that objectify them. These women rely solely on sexualizing themselves in order to get attention. We have to stop. Dress for comfort and dignity. Respect yourself, and others will respect you.”

“They flaunt themselves under the guise of empowerment when all it’s doing is degrading themselves. There are so many at it these days that the respect for women as a whole is being lost completely.”

“It’s not female empowerment. That’s just what they say because they don’t want to sound shallow by admitting it’s them just trying to be sexy for strangers.”

“I love fashion; it’s one of the few things that gives me a good laugh; women are like sheep. One try’s something, then the rest follow.”

“They look uncomfortable to wear and so unattractive, and unless you have had plastic surgery, boob shapes can be so unattractive. So sorry they don’t get my vote. I think they look ridiculous.”

Do you think metal drip breastplates are a lasting fashion trend? What are your thoughts on them?