In a fiery interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, comedian Bill Maher took aim at the modern progressive left, addressing growing criticism from liberals who claim he has abandoned his principles. Known for his sharp bipartisan commentary, Maher has recently found himself at odds with the younger, more radical wing of the left, sparking debates across the political spectrum.

Maher, unflinching in his critique, responded to accusations that he has “matured” and moved away from his earlier values. “It’s not that I’ve gotten old. Your ideas are stupid,” he declared. As the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he emphasized his commitment to calling out absurdities wherever he sees them, irrespective of political affiliation. “So I’m going to call it out wherever I see it,” Maher told Zakaria.

Maher pulled no punches, listing various leftist ideologies that he finds particularly egregious. He criticized the deconstruction of gender, unhealthy body positivity movements, and the resurgence of pro-communist sentiment. “I mean, there are things that have to do with, you know, gender and race and free speech and just ideas about, you know, you can be healthy at any weight and gender is always a social construct. And maybe we should give communism another try, and maybe we should get rid of capitalism and the Border Patrol, and let’s tear down statues of Lincoln and get rid of the police. Just, you know, no, it’s not that I’ve gotten old, it’s that your ideas are stupid, okay?”

Despite his sharp criticism of the left, Maher made it clear that he has not become a supporter of the right. He expressed frustration with the current state of both political sides, insisting that his values have remained consistent while the left has shifted. “I haven’t turned. Yes, people have said to me, you make fun of the left more than you used to, and guilty I have because the left has changed now,” he said.

Maher’s recent comments also highlight his belief in maintaining credibility by being equally critical of all political figures. During a recent appearance on ABC’s “The View,” he argued that those who refuse to criticize President Joe Biden while readily attacking former President Donald Trump undermine their own credibility. “I think you lose all credibility,” Maher asserted. “I mean, my bond with my audience has always been [that] I don’t pull a punch. My bond with my audience is you’re not gonna like everything I say, but you know I’m saying what I really think is true.”

Maher did not hold back his disdain for Trump, whom he has long considered a threat to democracy. “Of course, I mean, I don’t think anybody was more out front on that danger than I was. I was talking about how he was never gonna give up power. Long ago when everybody was laughing at me and said, ‘You smoke too much pot,’ and they said I smoke just the right amount. I was using the term ‘slow-moving coup’ before he was elected the first time,” he told the panel on “The View.”

In conclusion, Maher’s unapologetic stance and willingness to criticize all sides have cemented his reputation as a fearless commentator. His recent remarks serve as a stark reminder of the ideological divide within the left and highlight the importance of maintaining intellectual integrity in political discourse. As Maher continues to challenge the extremes of both sides, his commitment to speaking truth as he sees it remains unwavering.