The nation’s unemployment numbers are now at the lowest rate since 2000. African-American unemployment is at the lowest ever recorded; companies are coming back to America from foreign nations and receiving big bonuses to do so, take-home pay on the increase, but it seems the major news interest of the day is the hat worn by Melania Trump.

Last month, President Trump hosted the first formal state dinner in his administration for France’s President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte. While appearing together on the South Lawn, the nations’ leaders and their wives were greeted with the traditional ceremonial tribute which included the 21-gun salute and also included were 500 personnel from the five branches of the United States military. It was a sight to behold.

Records show that the unemployment numbers dropped to 3.9% in April 2018, the numbers when Obama left office were at a whopping 4.8% which shows the current numbers dropping at a historic rate, nearly one whole percentage point. It’s noted that there was a time of great celebration during the Obama years which spent its time recovering from the “Great Recession”, yet now it is almost incredible how anyone would not be celebrating these huge breakthroughs in the American economy during the current Trump administration.

The United States is experiencing accelerated growth, while other parts of the world are experiencing a bit less growth. The president is very pleased with the current state of the American economy. On April 23, 2018, the president’s Twitter account boasts that food stamp use is down 1.9 million and the American people are now back to work.

The recent tax cuts have take-home pay on the increase, and household disposable income is also on an upward trajectory. Many working Americans did not experience this increase in earnings, some only noticing the change late into the first quarter of 2018. Household savings are also on the rise, and many have given credit to what is known as the “Trump Effect” which is said to be a boost of confidence linked to Trumps latest cuts to finance regulations and tax cuts and plans for infrastructure investing.

With all this sunshine a little rain must fall, and the accusation that Melania Trump is once again accused of stealing must be a horrendous downpour on the otherwise hero’s deliverance of the American economy by her husband, President Donald Trump. This should be a time of great celebration for the Trump administration not a time to be bothered with this annoyance—again. How many times will First Lady Melania be accused of stealing some speech, brochure for children’s online safety, and now a hat worn by pop culture icon Beyonce?!

It seems that if the First Lady doesn’t get there first, then she is accused of plagiarism, stealing or at the least copying others. The First Lady has stated on occasion that she does admire former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Mrs. Trump said that she did not write her speech at the Republican convention and we certainly know that she doesn’t choose pamphlets or outfits. Mrs. Trump stands by her husband and fully supports his agenda. She has a personal staff that handles these things for her. With all the wonderful things that the President is doing for this county being sidelined by news reports on things other than low unemployment, how is the First Lady expected to keep up with who is wearing or writing what?

Mrs. Trump is a spectacular beauty and she one of the most stylish First Ladies in our nation’s history. She most certainly has the best writers and fashion coordinators around. It was not the First Lady’s intent to copy anyone else. More than likely it was her staff that believed the message, and the look would be better coming from her rather than those others. The First Lady doesn’t have to be first to be the best. Those others could learn a lesson from Melania’s soft-spoken style. She is not out front or center stage.

Instead, she prefers to remain quietly by her husband’s side, reminding America what a beautiful, dutiful and devoted wife looks life. She is not just the First Lady she is the First Wife of the United States, and she doesn’t have to be original or first to do so. No one can deny this incredible beauty and the work that her husband the President is doing for this country. Instead of criticizing her for stealing, maybe these onlookers should learn from her style on how to take something and make it your own.

It’s because she looked so breathtaking at the ceremony that the hat was even noticed. It had to have been a marvelous sight to be able to have a hat take away from all that pomp and circumstance. You would expect even more appearances of the infamous hat if it could stop a military march to take center stage. That hat is probably worth thousands of dollars because the First Lady wore it on such a momentous occasion. The designer should be thankful because the American people certainly are.