Bette Midler is a well-known actress and singer so you would think that she would be all about the glitz and glamour. Better Midler is not about the glitz and glamour. She has kept her personal life and is not going on Facebook, Twitter, ot Instagram to tell the world about what is going on in her life. What she has definitely kept private is her marriage to Martin von Haselber as well as their relationship with their daughter, Sophie von Haselberg. Midler did sit down with Oprah Winfrey on a show called OWN. She did talk about the 3 decades that she has spent von Haselberg. She decided to get together with her husband in 1984.

Midler believes that her marriage is like other marriages. Their marriage has ups and downs. Over the years, she had come to recognize that he was relatively calm while she was high-strung. Martin thinks that being a non-celebrity has brought balance to the family and they have not become carried away by the spotlight. They try to focus on the things that actually mean something to their lives.

Martin knows that Mider does not really want to have a high profile, conspicuous consumption type of show business life. There was an effort to create to have the life they wanted to have. They have created a life that they are happy with.

Miller is shocked that her husband has been able to put with her craziness for many, many years. What has probably helped that they are the complete opposites. Being opposite in personality has contributed to their ability to maintaining their relationship for so long. There have been times that Midler has felt very frustrated with to any situation. She was glad that her husband was able pull her through her situations and the support of her husband has been solid.

In the interview with Oprah, Midler said that he sits her down and talks to her when he feels that he needs to. These talks did calm her down.
When this married couple welcomed their daughter, they discussed and agreed on how their child should be raised. They were able to come to a consensus on the sort of life that they wanted for their child.

At this part of the interview, Oprah turned her attention to Sophie and asked her what was like to grow up as Midler’s daughter.
Sophie did not know that she had some perks because she was Midler’s daughter. Most of the time, it was actually pretty normal for her. Midler was strcter than most of her friends’ mothers. At her house, she was only allowed to watch silent movies and musicals. This seemed natural as it had to her mother’s work.

Despite everything, Midler and her husband have managed to keep their family and raise a daughter that seems to have turned out well. Their marriage should be an inspiration to other marriages, celebrity or non-celebrity.
She is currently in her seventies and she seems to be doing quite fine.