All over the globe there lies various beliefs about the afterlife. Firm believers in Hinduism and Buddhism have a reincarnation belief which says the deceased comes back in another form of a person or thing. There are currently no proven theories about life after death, but there are several exact reasons provided as to why we shouldn’t turn a deaf ear to the idea.

A 21 year old man from Punjab, India named Manpreet Singh is suffering from a strange illness that has caused his growth to plateau at 23 inches tall and a weight of 15 pounds. The locals in the area believe that he is a reincarnation of a Hindu deity. His parents Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur are reporting that he was born a normal and perfectly healthy boy, but for some mysterious reason his growth stopped at six months. Unfortunately the family can’t afford the medical treatment for a proper diagnosis to figure out what illness is responsible for stunting his growth.

Manpreet has remained small, but he reportedly stopped using his legs at the age of three and currently can’t walk or talk. Even with the impairments, locals are still believing that this young man is a Hindu God reincarnated. Both the relatives and outsiders who know Manpreet consider him as a God.

His mother says the person who gets blessed by him believes they will be granted their wish. Manpreet’s mom Manjeet says “People don’t bully my son for being short. We don’t feel bad about him. We all worship him. People love him a lot. People come to worship him every day.”

Doctors and locals are most fascinated by the fact that Manpreet’s two siblings have had normal growth for their age, which only makes the worship he receives more intense. One of his main caretakers is his 19 year old sister Jaspreet.

Manpreet’s parents only desire one thing for their child, and that is a wish that he gains enough fame for being recognized as a reincarnated Hindu deity that they become able to afford the medical treatment he needs for his mysterious condition.

They firmly believe that the money would make a difference in the type of medical treatment that he can receive. Manpreet’s father spoke about the potential for a cure in an interview he said “We have consulted a lot of doctors but they also don’t have any hope. But if by any chance there is a possibility, I could not be happier.” The local Doctor Hemraj thinks that Manpreet’s mystery illness stems from a thyroid defect, and this is the first time he has seen anything like it.

Doctor Hemraj still remains hopeful about Manpreet’s condition he says “Today science has developed so much that nothing is impossible. His treatment is also possible.” Dr. Hemraj’s hope also helps Manpreet’s parents maintain their hope of an eventual cure for their son, meanwhile local villagers will keep flocking to Manpreet’s home to worship and photograph Manpreet. They continue to seek blessings from the alleged reincarnated Hindu deity.