The gorgeous die young. This could not have actually been truer for Miss Teenager Universe, who just recently passed away from a cardiac arrest throughout a ski holiday simply a week prior to her twentieth birthday. Lotte van der Zee is a Dutch design and previous Miss Teenager Universe champ, who had her whole profession and life ahead of her. Regardless of remaining in good shape, the cardiac arrest struck and ended her life while she was having the time of her life snowboarding in Westendorf, Austria.

Van der Zee comes from Enschede in the east Netherlands. She won the worldwide appeal pageant back in 2017. However on the very first Wednesday in March 2019, her life ended suddenly when she suffered an unforeseen cardiac arrest a week shy of the start of her 2nd years.

In the week considering that her parting, van der Zee’s moms and dads have actually shared their heartbreaking news. They have actually opened about their sorrow at losing their lovely and charming child so quickly therefore all of a sudden and unexpectedly. They shared a post on social networks to highlight their grieving and to commemorate their child, the design, on her Instagram page.

In the picture, the design presents in a skin-tight ski attire while in the alpine snow.

” Our pearl, our whatever died on Wednesday night March sixth at 22:47. It is exceptionally surreal that our very much precious Lotte is not around us any longer. Our hearts are genuinely broken. We wish to thank you all once again for all the assistance and heartfelt messages.”

When she was simply a young teenager, she has actually been a popular figure in the modeling world. However after van der Zee won the worldwide pageant back in 2017, her profession removed like a rocket.

The day prior to her birthday this March, she got up experiencing not feeling well. This was not like her as she was typically in excellent health.

The night prior to she was with her pals and went back to her moms and dads “cheerfully and without health grievances.”

When they examined her in the early morning, she was weak. She had actually not left her space for breakfast, which differed from her.

That’s when “the sensation quickly intensified in unexpected heart attack,” Bert and Eugeniek van der Zee shared on the design’s Instagram page.

Her mom resuscitated Van der Zee, then she was hurried to the nearby medical center. Medical professionals put her into a clinically caused coma and after that moved her to the very best professional neighboring situated in Munich, Germany.

After she suffered total organ failure, the household needed to select to “let her go” as there disappeared wish for her.

The reason for the abrupt heart attack was not launched and might not yet be understood. It definitely is an unanticipated and unusual method for a young, in shape female to pass away.

The household stated that medical professionals will be running more tests so they can find out what took place and ideally assist other individuals from fulfilling such an end. They would not want this catastrophe on their worst opponents.

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