In a heart-wrenching revelation that has sent shockwaves through Hollywood, beloved actress Nicole Eggert, known for her iconic roles in “Baywatch” and “Charles in Charge,” has been confronted with an unexpected adversary: breast cancer.

At 51 years old, Nicole Eggert’s life took an unexpected turn when she received the devastating diagnosis of stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer back in early December 2023. Exclusively sharing her journey with People magazine, Eggert’s story is a testament to resilience and the strength of the human spirit.

For Eggert, the alarm bells began to ring when she noticed unusual changes in her body. Gaining 25 pounds in just three months, experiencing excruciating pain in her left breast, and discovering a worrisome lump during a self-examination, her world was suddenly plunged into turmoil. She knew she had to act swiftly, even though it meant enduring a wait until the end of November to secure a medical appointment.

“It really was throbbing and hurting,” Eggert confessed to People. “I immediately went to my general practitioner, and she told me I had to immediately go get it looked at. But the problem was I just couldn’t get an appointment. Everything was booked. So I had to wait until the end of November to get it done.”

The actress’s harrowing ordeal continued as she underwent a mammogram and three nerve-wracking biopsies, all of which pointed to the same grim conclusion: she was facing cancer.

“This journey’s been rough for me. This hasn’t been a breezy sail through life,” Eggert admitted, her strength unwavering. “I always read inspirational quotes and corny stuff, but it gets me through.”

With unwavering determination, Eggert, known for her unforgettable lifeguard role in “Baywatch,” is preparing for an upcoming surgery to remove the cancerous growth. She speaks candidly about the presence of the lump in her breast, recognizing the urgency of the situation, and weighing the options for treatment.

“The Celebrity Fit Club” alum has embarked on a path filled with uncertainty, unsure whether the cancer has metastasized to other parts of her body, and whether chemotherapy and radiation will precede or follow her surgery.

“I have panics where I’m like, just get this out of me,” she confided. “You sit there and it’s in you and you’re like, every second that passes and it’s inside of me. It’s growing, and you’re just like, you just want it out.”

Eggert’s journey is not just one of personal courage; it is a testament to her love and dedication to her children. Faced with the fear of not being there for her daughters Keegan, 12, and Dilyn, 25, who she shares with her ex-husband Justin Herwick, she has found newfound strength in her maternal responsibilities.

“[Dilyn’s] an adult, but I have a 12-year-old at home where I’m the only caregiver. I have no family. I have nothing,” she shared. “It immediately made me realize, there’s just no succumbing to this. This is something I have to get through. She needs me more than anything and anybody.”

The weight of her responsibilities and the financial challenges that accompany a battle with cancer weigh heavily on Eggert’s mind. She faces the daunting question of who will take care of her responsibilities when she’s not feeling well or undergoing treatment.

In a heartwarming show of support, Eggert’s close friend, actress Mindy Molinary, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist in financing her recovery. It’s worth noting that Eggert had previously filed for bankruptcy in 2014, underscoring the importance of community in times of need.

But Nicole Eggert’s aspirations extend far beyond her own battle. She hopes to create a non-profit organization to aid other single parents who, like her, lack the support system they need when facing adversity.

“I absolutely 100% want to start a non-profit for other single parents such as myself, who don’t have any family, don’t have anybody to turn to,” she expressed passionately. “They take on all this by themselves because they love their kids so much, but when something happens to them, then what?”

Amidst the challenges, Eggert is inspired by the outpouring of love and support she has received, and she is determined to make a difference in the lives of others once she has triumphed over her own battle.

Nicole Eggert’s story is a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can shine brilliantly. She joins the ranks of other courageous women like Shannon Doherty, known for her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” who is currently battling her own breast cancer journey.

As Hollywood rallies around these brave women, their stories serve as an inspiration to us all, a reminder that strength, resilience, and hope can prevail, no matter the odds.