In an era when dressing up for a day at Disneyland is as much a part of the experience as riding Space Mountain or meeting Mickey Mouse, one Disney superfan recently found herself in hot water over her choice of attire. Ashley Aiello, a self-proclaimed devotee of all things Disney, became an unexpected social media sensation after sharing her story of getting ejected from Disneyland in California for violating the theme park’s dress code.

In a time when the magic of Disney often meets modernity on platforms like TikTok, Ashley Aiello used the Chinese-created social media app to recount her experience. Her story, while not entirely unique, carries a distinctive twist that caught the attention of Disney enthusiasts and critics alike.

For Aiello, her connection to Disney runs deep. She operates a small business centered around Disney-themed merchandise, ranging from clothing to accessories. Her passion for the entertainment giant knows no bounds, and she makes it a point to visit Disneyland “one to three times a year” to bask in the enchantment. During these visits, she strategically photographs her Disney-themed products against the backdrop of the park, a savvy move to boost her online sales.

It was during one of these routine visits that Ashley Aiello’s fairytale day took an unexpected turn. Clad in an elegant green ball gown, Aiello sought to capture the magic of Disney by posing in front of the iconic Disneyland castle. But little did she know that her choice of attire would lead to her expulsion from the park.

In a viral TikTok video, Aiello displayed her striking ensemble and expressed her disbelief at the theme park’s decision to ask her to leave. “So, me being the extra person I am, I got a ball gown to take in front of the Disneyland castle for product photos with my daughter,” Aiello explained. “I’ve seen lots of influencers take pictures with ball gowns. I’ve done it before at Disney World. I really didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it!”

However, Disney’s dress code stipulates that floor-length dresses, like Aiello’s gown, are not allowed due to safety concerns. The theme park’s website explicitly states, “costumes may not reach or drag on the ground,” and multi-layered outfits may be subject to additional security screening. Disney’s priority is to ensure the safety of all park visitors, and this dress code is in place to prevent accidents and inconveniences.

While Aiello found herself at odds with Disney’s dress code, some TikTok users rallied behind her, expressing outrage at the theme park’s decision. However, it’s essential to understand that Disney has valid reasons for such rules. One TikToker pointed out, “That dress is so puffy! It can get caught up in between the rails of an attraction. … I think that’s the main problem!”

Disney also has a rule prohibiting adults from wearing costumes in the park, a policy designed to avoid confusion with employees and maintain the magic for young visitors. As one TikTok user commented, “Disney says the reason they don’t allow adults to dress up is because it could ruin the magic for a child.”

Critics and supporters may have differing opinions on the matter, but Disney’s dress code policies are implemented to ensure the safety and enchantment of all guests, regardless of their age or level of fandom.

In a world where Disney magic meets modern technology, the story of Ashley Aiello serves as a reminder that even in the most magical of places, rules are in place to maintain the magic and safety for everyone. Disney enthusiasts, take note – while your love for Disney may know no bounds, always be mindful of the dress code rules that keep the enchantment alive at the Happiest Place on Earth.