The United States military is comprised of many strict rules that even the military members have difficulty understanding when they first encounter them. Non military personnel accepts what is portrayed by the soldiers and officers who are serving the country. One question that has been on the minds of a large majority of people is that of why the flag on the uniforms of military members seems to be placed pm backward. It does not have the appearance of the traditional United States flag as it should be. The military is the one place where disrespect of the flag should not be allowed, and that is what most people think as they see the flag on the uniforms facing backwards.

Every branch of the military operates under laws and regulations as to how their members should behave and dress, and the things they should not do. The United States Army explains the misconception by stating their rule of wearing the insignia of the flag on uniforms. According to the Army Regulation 670-1 which is the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniform Insignia rule states how military personnel should wear their uniform. From the length of their hair to how a soldier should carry an umbrella, or carry an electronic device, everything is outlined in this rule.

They address the issue of the flag insignia by requiring that the American flag patch always be placed on the right side of the flag. The flag is either on the right or left shoulder so that it faces forward. In this way, the flag has the appearance of a flying flag being carried by a shoulder who is moving. This way, the flag is on the right and moving forward. It would have a different appearance if the flag was placed the other way round. Another thing that may have people in a quandary is why the flag is always in a subdued color. The reason the Army offers for this is so that the soldiers can camouflage easily when they are in battle.

The American flag is one of the greatest symbols of the United States, and disrespect for it usually leads to harsh consequences. One case example was back in 1963 when an activist went to a meeting wearing his shirt with a flag patch. The nearby police quickly stripped his shirt from him. The man was arrested and sued. The accusation was ruled out in a court of law stating that the constitution did not categorize the act of wearing a flag as a federal offense. The American people wanted some type of justice for the disrespectful and unpatriotic way that the American symbol of freedom had been used.

The United States Army is not the only entity that displays the flag on uniforms in this manner. Other U.S. national properties have the flag displayed to appear as if it was moving also. Many airports have adopted this same way of the appearance of the flag moving forward. Their code may be different from the Army Regulation 670-1, but according to Newsiosity, it is based on the same premise of always having the flag facing and moving forward which is also the hope of the country and the American people.