In a remarkable twist of fate, a baby girl born with an extraordinary genetic anomaly in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India, has captured the hearts of her family and the community, as they believe she is the reincarnation of a revered Hindu deity.

The unnamed baby girl, who entered the world with a total of 26 fingers and toes—seven on each hand and six on each foot—defies conventional expectations. Medical professionals have dubbed her condition a genetic anomaly, but her family couldn’t be more thrilled by the miraculous birth.

The child’s family, residing near the temple of Dholagarh Devi, a well-known local deity, see her as the embodiment of this revered figure. The temple’s statues depict Dholagarh Devi as a young girl adorned with numerous arms, which seems fitting in light of the baby’s unique anatomy.

Sarju Devi, the baby’s proud mother, who is 25 years old, expresses her delight in welcoming her extraordinary child into the world. Speaking to local media, her brother, who wished to remain anonymous, shared their family’s joy, stating, “My sister has given birth to a baby who has 26 fingers, and we are considering it to be the incarnation of Dholagarh Devi. We are very happy.”

Adding to the celebration, the baby’s father, Gopal Bhattacharya, serves as a police constable in the Central Reserve Police Force and shares in the family’s jubilation.

Dr. BS Soni, a medical professional at the hospital where the baby was born, reassured everyone that the baby is in excellent health, despite her extra digits. “There is no harm of any kind in having 26 fingers, but it is a genetic anomaly,” he explained. “The girl is otherwise absolutely healthy.”

While the family revels in their newborn’s uniqueness, it remains uncertain whether they plan to explore surgical options to reduce the number of digits on each limb, a decision that may arise in the future.

This extraordinary birth comes on the heels of a viral video showcasing an airline passenger with an extra toe, sparking a lively debate about the acceptability of going barefoot in public spaces.

The baby girl’s remarkable arrival has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and fascination among the community. As her story unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, marveling at the miracle of her existence.

In a world filled with uncertainties, the birth of this baby girl serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary miracles happen when we least expect them.