One of the fourteen babies born with a permanent smile is bringing joy to those around him online.

Babies born with a congenital abnormality that gives them permanent smile are very rare, occurring only once in 150,000 to 300,000 births.

A newborn baby with this condition is radiating love to everyone, recently gaining the nickname “permanent smile” on social media.

Ayla Summer Mucha, born in December was born with a rare condition known as bilateral macrostomia – which causes the corners of a baby’s mouth to fuse incorrectly, resulting in a permanent smile look.

Ayla is the 21-year-old Cristina Vercher and 20-year-old Blaize Mucha’s first child. Both parents are from Australia but didn’t find out about their daughter’s condition until after she was born.

Vercher said, “A cesarean is an uncomfortable experience as it is. Therefore, I was already in an overwhelmed state. As you would know during the surgery the doctors will show you the baby once it has been removed from the uterus. ” She continued, “At the time it was a very obvious formation as Ayla was so tiny. We were instantly worried. Blaize and I were not aware of this condition nor had I ever met someone born with a macrostomia. So it came as a huge shock. ”

Researchers found only 14 documented cases of bilateral macrostomia in a 2007 study published in the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal.

Ayla’s condition was entirely unforeseen by the doctor at Flinders Medical Centre, where she was born. Vercher stated, “This made the experience all the more worrying as it took several hours for a doctor to give us an answer. With this came more difficulties as the hospital had little knowledge or support for such a rare condition. All I could think about as a mother was where I went wrong, especially when I had been so pedantic throughout my entire pregnancy. ”

Though it may not seem threatening, this condition has wider implications than just affecting the baby’s appearance. Surgery is typically recommended for babies who have this condition. She added, “We are yet to receive the exact specifications of the surgery, yet we know this involves a skin closure that results in minimal scarring. The challenges we will face post-surgery are worrying as a couple.”

Furthermore, even strangers have offered their love to Cristina. There is a TikTok account@cristinakylievercher which videos of the baby and major events in her life are displayed. This account has amassed more than 118,000 followers!

Vercher divulged that the reaction from social media has been largely positive, with well-wishers sending love to her family. She stated, “I am thankful we left the video posted as I have spoken to a number of mothers going through similar experiences. We will not stop sharing our experiences and favorite memories as we are so proud.”

While abortion was an option, Ayla’s parents didn’t feel that this was something they could do. The family has shown that even though their baby has this condition, she will be okay because she is loved and cared for by her family.