It is difficult to get married in the era of COVID-19. The higher limitations on big gatherings and events make planning a wedding that is inclusive and enjoyable far more difficult for couples. Unfortunately, gathering sizes have been capped, and weddings are no longer as grand as they were before. That’s why getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is so vital – so we can return to normal life as soon As possible

However, when the bride-to-be received a return response from her Aunt Edith, she was shocked. In place of a simple “yes” or “no,” rather than just letting the bride know if she could attend, the deranged aunt scribbled an angry note all over the wedding invitation. She wanted to let the bride know that she was extremely disappointed that she would not be attending with a plus one.

The furious woman scrawled, “Most rude and hurtful,” on the invite. She also wrote her partner’s name “Uncle Danny” next to hers because she wasn’t allowed to bring a plus one to the party. “Family shouldn’t separate family. You shouldn’t have sent one at all,” she added in another message.

Aunt Edith, who hadn’t been invited to the wedding, wrote an angry letter all over the marriage invitation. She marked that she was unable to attend and regrets it. The only reason she isn’t attending is that she wasn’t permitted to bring Uncle Danny with her, according to her note.

The bride avowed that COVID-19 restrictions forced her to limit the size of her wedding. She was not trying to keep Uncle Danny from attending the gathering and was simply doing the best she could under the given circumstances caused by the global epidemic.

When the bride posted a picture of Aunt Edith’s response card, it was clear that anybody who thought she had done anything wrong was furious. A single person referred to the enraged aunt as an “overwrought drama queen.”

Another woman said, “That’s a quick way to quit being invited to family gatherings ever again. Yeesh, Aunt Edith.”

Others wrote about how Aunt Edith’s reaction was out of line for the situation. Whether or not it was appropriate to neglect invite Uncle Danny, people online agreed that Edith went too far with her furious diatribe.

“It’s possible to think the couple was rude for not inviting a guest’s long-term partner while also thinking the aunt’s reaction was over the top,” another woman opined.

COVID-19 restrictions were blamed for the reduced wedding size.

“I think COVID makes a very big difference, though. Without Covid, you should invite partners. With Covid, guest lists are very restricted.”

Another woman said that she has a similar situation with her family.

“My aunt did almost this exact same thing for my wedding years ago. Our venue had a 120 person max limit, so I didn’t give my aunt a plus one for her flavor of the week boyfriend,” she said.