Something that many people today enjoy is watching children answer questions in an unexpected way. Kids do not have a full grasp of the world yet. They sometimes do not have the vocabulary to express nuanced or complicated answers.

This is why so many of the responses that children give sometimes see adorable, funny or embarrassing to adults. The kids are just trying to answer the question with the limited understanding that they have from the experiences they go through each day. One boy wearing a karate uniform, or gi, was recorded for a Christian website called Kids Talk About God.

The boy was asked why he thought “God made grandmas?” The boy immediately started speaking in an innocent and high-pitched voice with a Southern accent. “To love and care about you, that’s all I know”, was his initial response. The boy then continued on “she’s 100 years old, I can’t believe that, and her name is MamMa. She’s the king of all of it.

If she wouldn’t be in this Earth, then I wouldn’t be in this Earth.” The video closes out after that 30-second clip directing people to the

The unidentified boy started with a straightforward and honest answer that most people will find very sweet when it comes to grandmothers. It then becomes funny in the second half as he seems to start repeating some of the things that his grandmother must say around the house to his family. The music in the video adds to the sweetness of the clip.