In an effort to safeguard his FIFA World Cup winner’s medal, Argentina and Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has allegedly forked out $20,000 to purchase a guard dog.

At only 30 years old, the Argentine was instrumental to their success in the World Cup. He earned himself a golden glove and shined bright during two penalty shoot-outs in Qatar. Despite his stellar performance, he has been met with criticism for his behavior toward the end of the tournament as well as after winning it all.

Martinez has procured a Belgian Malinois guard dog, an animal that is renowned for its courageous roles in combat zones of the SAS and US Navy Seals, reports The Daily Star.

A guard dog can cost upwards of $20,000 and weigh an astounding 30kgs.

As of late, numerous celebrities have taken proactive measures to improve the security around their homes due to a surge in home invasions targeting high-profile footballers.

Prominent stars from the world of football, such as Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta and French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, have purchased guard dogs from a renowned company in the past.

Several renowned names, such as Ashley Cole and Jack Wilshere from England’s football team plus boxing world heavyweight championship winner Tyson Fury have all taken advantage of the company’s services.

After winning the coveted World Cup with Argentina in Qatar, Martinez made a triumphant return to Aston Villa training just last week.

His homecoming festivities in Buenos Aires caused a storm of controversy due to his taunting of France’s Mbappe, as he paraded around with an infant doll featuring the player’s face.

Martinez’s action of making an obscene gesture after receiving the Golden Glove for being named best goalkeeper during the tournament spurred further censure.

His team manager Unai Emery was asked about his goalkeeper’s unruly behavior in Qatar, and he confirmed that from now on, he will request Martinez to rein in his passions.

According to reports from Spain, Emery is eager to put Martinez on the market in January after being displeased with his conduct following the World Cup.

Yesterday, Martinez rejoined the Aston Villa roster for their victory over Tottenham in the Premier League 2-0 but unfortunately did not play due to Emery’s decision.