The character of Archie Bunker was without a doubt a memorable TV personality. For years, he starred in All in the Family, and millions of Americans related to his opinions on being an American. The show claimed that Bunker was a patriotic American who previously served in the military, which explains why he refused to allow another guy insult the Star-Spangled Banner and be disrespectful to it and all it represented.

Bunker was a huge fan of America and never worried about his political incorrectness. Despite the fact that some of his opinions have not held up well with the “woke” revolution sweeping across the United States these days, Bunker’s support for the national anthem continues to resonate with millions of Americans who put their patriotism above all else.

This clip begins in the kitchen, where Bunker was watching television with Meathead. While the national anthem was being performed ahead of a sporting event, Meathead ridiculed it and stated that it was an awful song because it celebrated war atrocities.

Meathead was opposed to the national anthem because it was composed during the War of 1812 between the young United States of America and Great Britain, according to critics who claim it is racist against Black, brown, and indigenous people of color.

Meathead responded to Archie Bunker’s defense of the song.

“That is one terrible song,” Meathead tells his father-in-law. Bunker is almost speechless and informs his son-in-law as much. He looks at Meathead with his eyes popping out of his head in astonishment, having just heard what came out of his son-in-law’s mouth.

“Don’t start up nothing with me, Meathead. I’m watching the game. That’s a beautiful song, and shut your face.”

Meathead is enraged by Bunker’s straightforward manner of address. He adjusts in his chair and gets ready to reply to Bunker’s statement with one of his own creation.

“Huh? The song glorifies war, and even as a song, it stinks. Nobody can remember the words.”

“You’re going to ruin this game for me?” Bunker lashed back.

“Can you remember the words?”

“Certainly I can!” Bunker shouts.

Meathead then challenges Archie Bunker, a die-hard patriot, to perform the national anthem’s first few stanzas. What follows will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Meathead doubles down and refuses to turn on the game again until Bunker recites the Anthem words..

Despite how much he yells his lines, Meathead receives the enjoyment of informing Bunker that he is “wrong!”

Many individuals have responded to this amusing footage from All in the Family on the video below, which is linked.

“Talk about picking battles. Mike just couldn’t shut up and let Archie enjoy his football game, including the national anthem. Go, Archie!”

“When those two argue, Mike is usually in the right about things, but there are two episodes when Archie is correct, and Mike is wrong. One of them is this episode when Mike is disrespecting our National Anthem.”