As the Representative of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known as AOC, has sponsored and promoted the Green New Deal, an aggressive climate change document. While not a bill or legislation even, the Green New Deal lists changes that America and the world can take to reduce the negative effects of climate change now. Many climate scientists and data scientists agree that aggressive and drastic measures are needed in order to significantly reduce the effects of climate change, but these changes would require complete overhauls to several industries.

Because the Green New Deal is such a flashpoint among Republicans, AOC has also become a target for those that do not agree or support the ideas. One main point that AOC has argued is that climate change is a source of racial injustice. This idea is not at all supported by the majority of Republicans, including freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Green has been trying to get AOC to agree to a climate change and Green New Deal debate for a while now, knowing it will be controversial.

To date, AOC has not responded to Greene’s tweets challenging her to a debate. The latest tweet from Greene though, featuring a photo of Greene confronting AOC on the floor, seemed to indicate that a debate has been discussed and is possibly in the works.