A clothing company based in Oregon known as Dhvani recently turned a lot of heads and sparked a lot of controversy after placing a billboard in the middle of Times Square that featured President Donald Trump. While there have been many billboards featuring the leader of the United States and businessman, this one stood out because of how it depicted its subject matter.

In the middle of Times Square, an image could be seen of Trump being hogtied by a veteran of the Marines in front of the White House. This advertisement by Portland-based Dhvani is reportedly just one of a series of billboards that are planned aiming at Trump and his tumultuous presidency.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Avi Brown, stated that the rope used in the advertisement was inspired by the “truth lasso” that is wielded by the popular comic book character Wonder Woman. He states that the reason why his company decided to erect this billboard to give a “voice to women”. In addition to this, he also mentioned that he and his company are against the “gag rule” that is part of Title X.

In addition to advertising the company and working to give a voice to women, Dhvani is also planning on donating some of the advertisement campaign’s proceeds to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been under attack during Donald Trump’s presidential administration. Avi Brown declared that the advertisement represents putting “a gag order on him”. He and his company strongly support the impeachment of Trump and he wants his brand to stand for progressive change. He perceives the events that are taking place are contributing to the country taking backward steps in its growth and evolution.

Even though his company has “never taken a political stand” in the past, their Chief Executive Officer insists that the company has just become fed up when it comes to what has been taking place in the United States. They are hoping to spread a message that will have a positive impact on the future by encouraging women to become empowered and speak out about the issues that they are facing during these times. In addition, Donald Trump Jr, the oldest son of the President, condemned the billboard on Twitter.

While there have been those that enjoyed the advertisement and the message that they stand for, there are many that are unhappy with the violent imagery. This is true even among people who do not approve of the actions of President Donald Trump or his administration.

Melanie Newman, a senior Vice President of the Planned Parenthood organization stated that their organization “does not endorse” the message of violence from Dhvani and because of this they will not be accepting the funds raised by the advertising campaign.

She explained her decision stating that there are many patients who have faced violence in their own lives and their staff members have been subjected to threats and violence just for trying to do their jobs. Because of this, they do not condone violence or violent imagery no matter who the target happens to be.