As the Pan Am games have been going on your way more and more athletes from the United States have been accumulating metals. One of the star athletes of the United States fencing team recently won the gold medal before creating new controversy. This athlete’s name Is Race Imboden. She was able to win the gold medal for the US fencing team.

She had the idea to protest some of the responses from the country’s current administration to the recent rash of public shootings. As she approached the podium to receive her medal instead of taking the normal spot she took a knee on the podium and had her friend take her place. The friend who took her place was Gwen Barry. He received the medal in her honor as one of the United States Olympic hammer throwers.

The Pan Am Games

These Olympic Games have been held in Lima Peru. The athletes who are competing there have decided to take part in the competition so they can use it as a platform to raise awareness on issues that are happening in the United States. They believe that these issues do not receive enough attention and that their status as high-profile athletes puts them in a position to help spread the message.

Whenever he was asked the hammer thrower that stood in solidarity with the protester believed it is too important not to say anything about the things that are happening in the country. In particular, the athletes have been staging demonstrations against our current president Donald Trump after two mass shootings that occurred only one day apart. The athletes believe that the current administration is doing nothing to prevent these kinds of national tragedies from occurring again in the future. These kinds of mass shootings continue to pop up and more and more people are wondering if anything will ever be done.

Race Imboden Message

Imboden has been vocally against the current administration. He has posted several comments on social media calling out various aspects of President Trump’s decisions. He believes that the lack of action on gun control, the current immigration crisis, and many other issues have been failed to capture the attention of our president. The limbic athlete has stated that taking a knee during the national anthem has become a symbol of national protest ever since the NFL player Colin Kaepernick staged the first such protest just three years ago. Since then it has spread to a number of different sports but the message is always clear. If an athlete is taking a knee on the field it means that they are protesting to the current government.

Imboden believes that it is important to bring attention to the growing police brutality and other types of injustice that have been affecting the citizens of the United States. Since the first time that the NFL player took a knee on the field three years ago in protest of the national anthem has begun to spread amongst athletes of all ages. He believes that people are starting to become more and more aware of the growing issues that are facing our nation and is going to continue pushing to spread more awareness of this issue.