Tensions escalate within Michael Jackson’s family as an ongoing dispute with the IRS leaves his three children and mother, Katherine, in financial limbo. Prince, Paris, Bigi, and Katherine are beneficiaries of the late singer’s trust, but financial distributions remain halted until the estate settles its tax issues.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com reveal the complexities of the situation. The trusts for Jackson’s children and mother cannot be funded until the tax dispute reaches resolution. Despite this, the estate ensures the family’s needs are met, offering substantial support as they navigate this tumultuous period.

Katherine, the matriarch of the family, has received over $55 million since Michael’s passing, with the estate approving the majority of her requests for care and maintenance. However, a cloud looms over the estate’s valuation, stemming from an IRS audit that alleged undervaluation of assets, leading to a staggering $700 million tax claim.

The estate’s value remains contested, particularly regarding Jackson’s prized music catalog, Mijac. Although the estate won a trial in tax court, a pending motion for reconsideration underscores the uncertainty. Executors argue against distributing portions of the estate to the family trust, citing the unresolved valuation and the need for caution.

The recent acquisition of half of Jackson’s music catalog by Sony Music Group for at least $600 million adds complexity to the situation. Amidst this, Bigi, also known as Blanket, has filed legal papers to prevent Katherine from using estate funds for legal battles with the executors, signaling internal strife within the family.

In March, Bigi sought to block Katherine from spending estate funds amid a legal dispute over the potential sale of Jackson’s catalog. This rift deepened as Katherine objected to reimbursing the estate for attorney’s fees, following the partial sale to Sony. Prince and Paris, Michael’s eldest children, maintain a discreet stance, opting not to publicly engage in the legal battle, citing personal reasons and potential repercussions on future transactions.

The saga underscores the enduring complexities surrounding Jackson’s estate, with legal and financial challenges persisting nearly 15 years after his passing. As the family navigates this turbulent terrain, uncertainties linger, casting a shadow over the legacy of the King of Pop.