An aircraft traveler is being pilloried by sports fans after it was revealed that he had the audacity to be the only individual onboard not watching the Super Bowl.

During a dramatic flight, the cabin was illuminated with phones and tablets as every passenger became captivated by an electric NFL duel between Kansas City and Philadelphia – which resulted in a Chiefs victory of 38-35. A picture snapped perfectly captured this hilarious moment!

Millions of Americans tuned into the highly anticipated annual event, eager to witness Rihanna’s spectacular return performance during halftime.

Nevertheless, one individual had a different vision.

Instead of watching Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to Super Bowl glory, he chose to watch Will Smith guide Kevin James on his path toward true love.

Indeed, this flyer opted for a screening of the classic romantic comedy “Hitch” instead of joining in to watch an event that practically every person across America was tuned into.

This caused quite a stir.

“The one dude watching Hitch on this plane should be jailed. A menace to society” wrote on Twitter Brett Hanfling.

Barstool Sports dubbed him the “biggest try-hard on the planet.”

“This isn’t a guy who simply wanted to watch Hitch last night — I’d imagine this person had seen the 2005 film at some point before. This guy wanted to send a message. He wants everyone on that plane to know he views himself as a superior being because he would never possibly engage in activity as lowly as watching the Super Bowl,” the outlet said.

“Aside from the fact this dude is just the world’s biggest loser, I guess I’d ask why such an intellectual is flying what appears to be JetBlue. Surely this higher caliber of human should be flying first class — or at least on an airline that has first class. Trying to flex from the cabin of a JetBlue flight is maybe the best self-own I’ve ever seen.”

But a handful of Reddit users were determined to come out in defense of the Hitch rebel.

“To be fair all he has to do is look to the screen beside him and he can watch both Hitch and the Super Bowl at the same time,” one person said.

“Perhaps they aren’t into sports, I love sports and thought that the super bowl was a good game but who am I to judge someone who doesn’t watch it on his screen especially when he can glance over at his neighbor’s screen and see the score if he wanted,” another person wrote.

“How dare anyone, not like your favorite hobby,” said another.