Giorgi Berejiani’s cherished dog, Jorge, vanished from their home in Tbilisi, Georgia, three years ago — but despite being tested, the bond of love between them never fractured.

When Jorge’s dog disappeared in 2015, Berejiani hunted for him everywhere. When his early inquiries yielded no results, he started asking his neighbours and others in the neighborhood to keep an eye out for Jorge, as well. He never gave up looking throughout the years after his first searches failed to turn up anything.

But then, everything changed.

“We looked for three years,” Berejiani said. “Then we discovered him.”

On Monday, a group of workers at a business in town who’d come to hear about Berejiani’s search for Jorge saw a dog that looked like his description. This dog, on the other hand, had been registered by the city as a stray — but they contacted Berejiani just in case.

Naturally, Berejiani raced to the scene to investigate.

Could this be Jorge? You’ll see in this video, which was shot after the event, that there was no doubt it was him.

In addition, the ten-year-old was ecstatic to discover his long-lost pup, and based on his cries of delight, Jorge couldn’t have been happier to be found.

“I’m so relieved,” he added. “He’s never looked more joyful to me.”

Both their hearts were instantly mended.

No one knows for certain how Jorge survived ten years on the streets as a stray, but perhaps he, like his owner, kept hope alive by believing they would reunite.

Not that I’m aware of, but when considering the enormous amount of government paperwork it takes to get an individual home in order, and you’ve got a family on top of it all…well, needless to say their tale has a happy ending.

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Despite being lost for three years, Jorge and his dog are finally reunited. It’s an incredible story of love and perseverance, and it goes to show that dogs really are man’s best friend. Thanks for following along.