Rebecca Balding, who was most known for her roles on “Soap” and “Charmed,” passed away on Monday, according to her husband, actor-director James L. Conway. She was 73 years old. According to Conway, Rebecca died of ovarian cancer in Park City, Utah.

Rebecca Balding was born in 1948 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and got her start on stage in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles, where she has appeared in numerous TV series, including a two-episode part as a Russian spy on “The Bionic Woman.”

Despite this, she is well-known for her part as Carol David, an attorney, in 19 episodes of Soap from 1977 to 1981.

She has an affair with a guy named Jodie in the first season (portrayed by Billy Crystal) and becomes pregnant as a result.

Balding appeared in the first season of “Charmed” in 1998. From 2002 until the series’ end in 2006, she played Alyssa Milano’s superior on “The Guardian.”

She has been seen in “Makin’ It,” “Lou Grant,” “The Gathering,” “Mr. and Mrs. and Mr.,” as well as the 1977 film “Deadly Game” with Andy Griffith and James Cromwell, among other things. She’s appeared in a slew of horror movies.

Conway, her children Sarah and Kathleen, and grandkids continue to live.

In the first two seasons of ABC’s notorious spoof of daytime soaps, Balding had a significant role. She was Carol David, an evil attorney who seduces gay Jodie (Bily Crystal) after meeting her.

She becomes pregnant after a night with him. She coerces Jodie to move in together before informing her that she is carrying his kid. He then proposes as a way to fulfill his filial duty, and she accepts — only to not appear at their wedding. Carol gave birth to a daughter later on, but Jodie fought back.

She has won three Emmys for her work on The Golden Girls, New Beginnings, and The Golden Palace. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, she appeared in Making It (for which she won an Emmy), Lou Grant, and New Beginnings. Deadly Game (1977) was her first television role; she played Corky Cr

Barbara Crampton is a Canadian actress who has appeared in numerous horror films, including Scream (1960), which featured a masked murderer. Balding has also been seen in horror flicks like Silent Scream and The Boogens. She was on-screen again in 2005’s Yesterday’s Dreams, her first role since 2004.

Soap was an ABC comedy that aired from September 13, 1977 to April 20, 1981. Susan Harris created the program, and Anthony Thomas and Susan Harris served as executive producers. The series focused on the Bradford family, a fictitious upper-middle-class family living in Connecticut. Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond) and Mary Campbell are the show

The program’s scope was later broadened to include Chester Tate (Robert Mandan), Jessica’s spouse, and their four children: eldest son Corinne (Jennifer Salt), rebellious daughter Susan (Diana Canova), and youngest twins Brian and Caroline.

Soap was notorious for its risqué humor, scandalous plots, and eagerness to go against the grain. The program frequently included material that would not have been broadcast on television just a few years before.

Despite its contentious material, Soap was a ratings success and one of the most popular shows on television during its four-season run. The series’ final program was seen by over 21 million individuals, and it is still considered one of the greatest TV finales ever made.