“Indigenous peoples’ day of rage” is what organizers of the demonstration call what happened in Portland, Oregon, near the Portland Oregon University and Oregon Historical Society on the Eve of Columbus Day in 2020. During the protests, statues were being torn down and vandalized in the Oregon Historical Society building areas. Protesters expressed the protest was an action against colonialism as the pandemic has caused havoc in the Indigenous communities causing colonialism to plague their communities still to this day. Protesters chose the Eve of Christopher Columbus day to do the protest because it celebrates the mistreatment and genocide the Europeans caused when they settled in the New World. The police described the protest as quickly escalating into a riot between the protestors and the counter-protestors. Even law enforcement escalated the situation as the opposing sides caused people to get upset, which incited violence and property destruction in the city of Oregon.

Later that night, around nine p.m., the protestors tore down the Theodore Roosevelts statue for his beliefs that he would routinely promote regarding the ‘manifest destiny,’ which suggested stealing land from Indigenous People fair and just thing to do. Roosevelt suggested that nine out of ten good Indians are the dead Indians regarding the Indigenous people. Abraham Lincolns’ statue was also one of the main targets for the protesters who had thrown chains over the figure, tearing it down within minutes of Roosevelts.’ Lincolns was responsible for sentencing 200 Sioux Tribe members to death but ended up commuting all but thirty-eight Indigenous Sioux Warriors. Lincoln had personally sentenced them to hang on December 26, 1862, making it the largest known mass execution in the United States, which is why the protestors left graffiti on the statue stating, “Dakota 38.” The protesters vandalized the status’s pedestals by pouring paint and graffiti and the Oregon Historical Society’s broken windows.

The Portland Oregon Police Department informed protesters that any vandalism act or taking part would be subject to arrest and if the rioting would not cease, they would bring in tear gas and weapons to control the crowds. President Donald Trump announced on Twitter, “Put these animals in jail now.” declaring “the radical left knows how to take advantage of the very dumb ‘leadership’ fools! This is Biden! Law and Order!” Trump tweeted. At the time, President Trump sent several other Tweets, which he pleaded with Portland, Oregon, to bring in the feds. He suggests his offer to bring in the military is that of a “generous” one. The damage caused by the protesters resulted in the Oregon Historical Society halting business from opening its doors to the public to enjoy the history of Oregon while they restore the damage done.