On Thursday morning in San Francisco’s Richmond district, a shocking attack occurred where a 91-year-old woman was punched and then thrown into a concrete planter bed. Sadly, the incident was caught on surveillance video just two minutes after she had left her house on 47th Ave. Following this unfortunate event, the victim received three stitches due to her injuries.

F, the daughter of the victim, was in utter disbelief when she watched the video. Additionally, her mother has been suffering from dementia – an unfortunate situation that F says is both “a blessing and a curse” since it allows her to forget about what happened that day.

In the late afternoon, authorities apprehended Romeo Lorenzo Parham, a 39-year-old resident of San Francisco. He was arrested on charges of elder abuse and for his violation of several out-of-court warrants.

Last week, an elderly woman of 91 years was attacked in San Francisco. Upon this horror, the city’s mayor London Breed declared a new plan to counter hate incidents targeting Asian Americans that had risen by over 567% within 2020-2021 alone. Not only did she want justice for those responsible but also made it her priority to support the victims and create a sense of security amongst citizens living in San Francisco once again.

Overall, this attack is a grave reminder that hate and violence against marginalized communities remain major issues in need of dedication to respond and safeguard the most vulnerable.