Some puzzles and pictures online test your vision. You have to find hidden images in a larger image or look at one color while trying to see if you can detect another color. One picture has nine words hidden. The point about this puzzle is that the first word you see reveals something about yourself and your personality.


The puzzle looks like a word search. There aren’t a list of words that you have to find on the side or on the bottom. However, there are words that you can easily spot if you look closely. One of the words that seems to pop is wealth.

Another is team while another word is you. The puzzle tries to give viewers a way to see that each person is different. Everyone has their own gifts and talents. Some have more in common than others, but they don’t know anything about their lives because they don’t share their thoughts with others.


When you look at the puzzle, you might easily see one or two words, but for some, it might take a few moments to find the first word that appears.


If you see wealth first, you might worry about your career and finances. The word you likely means that there is a special person on the mind. There are certain attributes with each word that is found in the puzzle depending on your life at the present moment.