The internet has been thrown for a “loupe” by this diamond in the rough.

This is a tricky optical illusion that has players looking for a secret treasure on a farm. The objective of this competitive puzzle is to find the object, which appears to be an apple, amid rolling hills and animal dwellings.

Originally published on Reader’s Digest by jeweler William May, the visual treasure hunt “to find a lost diamond ring in this garden,” playing off of human metal-detection equipment.

The Diamonds are hidden in plain sight, but they’re not easy to find. It’s tough to decipher what the bright image depicts: a rural farm environment with carrots, a few bunny rabbits, flowers, and a wheelbarrow with no diamond in sight.

If you’re still looking for the sparkler, keep scrolling.

Fortunately, May has some helpful hints on distinguishing the carats from the carrots.

“Note: This puzzle is not to scale,” he said, adding “the ring’s band is yellow, and it has a good-sized white diamond.”

Still looking for a diamond in the dirt? Don’t worry, May has a hidden spoiler image below that shows the tiny bejeweled band wrapped around one of the carrots between a wheelbarrow and the last sunflower on the right.

This isn’t the first time that a jigsaw puzzle has thrown puzzle enthusiasts for a loop. Last Monday, brainteaser fans were enraged trying to figure out this collection of strange illusions, which included a snake camouflaged in a tree and a butterfly hidden among a stack of leaves.