Events occur that makes the country shake, September 11th, 2011, is a day that cannot be forgotten by American citizens. This is the day that there were attacks on the world trade towers and the patriots of Osama Bin Laden. The freedom that people were enjoying was no longer there.

However, for others, such an incident acted as a bond that strengthened their general resolve and patriotism. In 2002, Superbowl had the same occurrence; men and women died promoting the West’s crush and hate symbols. We all watch Superbowl adverts and the iconic halftime show. Budweiser is aired during the commercials to honor the memories of those who died during the attack.

Although the advert is aired once, it brings the memories of what the incident stole from us. The advert features a character known as Clydesdale, who chooses to leave their barn and starts a journey on silent road. Horses are moving down this road to Brooklyn Bridge. The show ends as the horses bows down the Statue of Liberty. The commercial makes us shade tears, but it symbolizes the resilience in the face of Americans.

Regardless, the advert only appeared once on TV, and it has gone viral on the social media platforms as an anniversary of the attack. In an unexpected move, Mayor Rudy Guliani filmed the commercial to be done on-site against studio with a green screen though it would be perceived as being sensitive.

The advert was aired to honor those who died, and then it has been made available on social media since it was first aired in 2002. The Anheuser-Busch team produced this advert since the topic was sensitive and iconic. The team received congressional approval to create and air the advert. Such adverts are met to inform people and act as anniversaries for those who left us.

One decade after the attacks, the advert aired during the anniversary of the attacks was updated. The advert kept its iconic somber look and iconic feelings. According to most YouTube subscribers, the advert is regarded as a sign of true patriotism. Other subscribers are even demanding that the advert should be aired annually to honor those who died during the attacks. Advertising has a lot of power, and such adverts portray how the nation cares and feel for other people.

Additionally, the advert is a clear indication that the Americas have not and will never bow to the terrorists. Such adverts are a sign of hope to the citizens and promise better days are coming through an elevated form of patriotism and unity. It is only through faith we can develop a better tomorrow for the young generation. Through this, we will forever leave in peace free from attacks.