All women dream of having children at one point in their lives. To other women, age does not matter when it comes to conceiving because they consider it a blessing. But imagine getting your first child while you are in your 70s? Indian woman Daljinder Kaur became a mother at 72 and broke headlines for being the oldest first-time mother in the world. Her husband, Mohinder Singh Kaur, was 80 at the time their child was born. The couple tried to have babies numerous times, but all attempts failed. Therefore, they looked for modern medical assistance, and out of nowhere, Daljinder got pregnant. People around the world have mixed feelings about the situation. Some people are happy for the old couple, but others are worried about the infant. When the baby turns 18, the mother will be 90, while the father will be 98. Unfortunately, few people manage to reach such old ages. The other issue is that very soon they will be too old to fulfill their duties as parents.

Nowadays, IVF is becoming common among couples. However, before using it, factors such as age need to be put into consideration. Therefore, one would wonder how the old couple managed to access such a sensitive medical procedure. The Indian couple fought against the National Fertility laws until they won the case by convincing the Test Tube Baby center that Daljinder could safely conceive. While they were appealing for the IVF to be done, Daljinder was in her late 60s. Even though IVF is scientifically proven to be highly accurate, it took two years for her to get pregnant. IVF guarantees success because Daljinder got pregnant and delivered naturally. Surprisingly, she managed to breastfeed her baby. Later on, she admitted that the pregnancy had some side effects on her health, such as high blood pressure and fatigue. Due to old-age pregnancy, their son, Arman, seems smaller than other kids his age. When he began walking, the old couple struggled to keep up with him because they did not have enough strength to run around after him or pick him up. However, the couple is not worried because they believe God will take them through the journey.

Most people do not believe that the Indian couple will manage to raise Arman in the right way due to their old age. However, the couple is committed to bringing up their son in the best manner possible. The dad has plans to give Arman the best life. The couple has been married for forty-seven years and never wanted to adopt a child. When Arman was born, he immediately became a celebrity in Delhi. The IVF process that Daljinder undertook cost the couple a total of 1 million rupees. To the couple, money was not an issue; their main goal was to become parents. The couple confirmed that they would not be trying for another baby. The couple’s success story gives hope to many other old couples who consider trying out IVF treatments.