A 7-year-old boy was recently murdered after being beaten to death for spending too much time on the toilet. He was murdered by staff members at the Catholic school he attended. Catholic schools are known to be among the strictest educational institutions in the nation. They often have a to-the-book approach to enforcing their rules and as a result, they can be quite harsh at times when disciplining students. While Catholic schools can be quite strict, they are not known to hurt children who disobey the rules. Today, these schools no longer have nuns who use rulers to impose harsh punishments. Catholic schools have some misconceptions but they are among the most renowned educational institutions. With a high-quality education and good discipline, these schools often enable many students to attend top colleges and universities and establish a track record of academic excellence.

When a Catholic school in Scotland faced accusations about a controversial incident, many were not surprised to find out what happened. According to witnesses, the 7-year-old boy was killed at St. Columbia’s College located in Larges, Ayshire. The death of the boy was reported by another student who had first-hand knowledge of the incident. This student mentioned the death of another student named Aldo Moroni which accord forty years ago. The report of the boy being killed surfaced when authorities were told that the boy was beaten to death by one of the school’s staff members. One source revealed that a religious brother named Brother Germanus repeatedly beat the boy because he using a toilet for too long. The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry found out about the history of mistreatment at the school from a former student named Edward. Another student who is now 64, said that there was a Brother Germanus named David MkKell who sexually abused him many times when he attended school during the 1960s. In 2014, Edward found out that his nephew was a former student of the school when Aldo was killed. According to his nephew, the experience still haunts him to this day.

During a recent hearing, Edwards said that Aldo Moroni was an innocent little boy who was viciously beaten on the toilet landing for using it for too long. He said that there was screaming and murder taking place. The situation got worse as the ambulance arrived at the school to address a reported injury. Shortly after the incident, there was a funeral for the boy in Dunoon. According to Colin MacAulay QC, Edward’s testimony revealed that his nephew was able to link of the child’s murder. Edward was very shocked at first because he was told that Aldo died of a heart attack. This recent death of the boy has made Edward feel a lot of guilt for not mentioning child and sexual abuse at the school. He believes that if he discussed the sexual abuse he suffered at the school, there would be more aware of the situation which may have prevented the unnecessary death of the boy. After suffering sexual abuse by McKell 24 times, Edward contemplated leaving the institution but was told by his abuser that he was dirty. Years later, Edward contacted the police to report the abuse. However, the police never investigated the matter and McKell died in 1998 so he was able to avoid prosecution.