Certain offenses are considered more serious than others. Predators who sexually assault women and children are among the evilest people to ever walk the earth. These bastards target females and youngsters because they know their victims will be less physically strong than they are, making resistance difficult. When rapists and child molesters are convicted, other prisoners in jail don’t always show them much support, often necessitating solitary confinement so that another inmate doesn’t take matters into his or her own hands, allowing the victim’s family some closure for what was an inexcusably horrible experience.

Outside the policy, 61-year-old Mamadou Diallo was one such individual who sought out legal justice. After he finds out that a man had violently raped his wife, Nenegale, he made it his mission to end the life of 43-year-old Earl Nash – his wife’s rapist – he has beaten the ex-convict to death with a rusty tire iron.

He was charged with manslaughter – despite he believed he should not have been charged for killing his wife’s rapist.

The rape was highly disturbing. Nash enter Diallo’s home around 10 pm at night when he was not at home. He immediately attacked the beautiful Nenegale, smashing her in the head to knock her off. Once she was restrained, the rapist ripped off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

Fortunately, Diallo was able to defeat Nash enough to make a phone call home to her husband, who was driving a taxi for work outside the house. Diallo ran straight back home and barged in with a tire iron. The rest is recorded on surveillance video, which shows Diallo walking into his apartment with a tire iron and smashing the rapist.

Despite the fact that the American legal system is eager to jail Diallo for ending the rapist’s life, his family wrote a letter to the court requesting that Diallo be cleared of all charges related to the rapist’s murder. Nash’s relatives also asked for the victim’s swift recovery.

Because not even the rapist’s family wanted Diallo to suffer, Bronx Supreme Court Justice Marc Whiten made an unprecedented decision. All charges against Diallo were dismissed by Whiten, who was met with cheers from Diallo’s relatives and supporters when he did so.

DA Darcel Clark reportedly informed the court, according to WVVA: “This case was a tragedy for all whose lives intersected in that Bronx building … We waited for three months for the autopsy results, and after a thorough investigation as well as discussions with the deceased’s family we have determined that no grand jury action is warranted.”

Following his release, Diallo addressed the New York Post:

“I do not want to kill that man. I’m not happy because I know a man died, and I know they put my name with somebody who died.”