In a poignant and heartfelt social media post, a devoted Brooklyn mother, Casey McIntyre, 38, announced her own passing on Tuesday, ensuring that her circle of friends and family would understand the depth of the love she held for them. McIntyre’s life was tragically cut short by ovarian cancer, a battle she fought valiantly until her passing on Sunday.

A prominent figure in the world of publishing, Casey served as a publisher at Razorbill, an esteemed imprint of Penguin Random House specializing in books for children and young adults. Her legacy, however, extends far beyond her professional accomplishments.

With grace and candor, Casey began her Instagram post with the words, “A note to my friends: if you’re reading this, it means I have passed away.” She didn’t mince words, acknowledging the harsh reality of her situation, stating, “I’m so sorry, it’s horses–t, and we both know it.”

Accompanying her poignant message were a series of photographs capturing Casey’s radiant smile, surrounded by loved ones, most notably her husband, Andrew Gregory, and their precious 18-month-old daughter, Grace. She left no doubt about the love she held for those around her, declaring, “I loved each and every one of you with my whole heart, and I promise you, I knew how deeply I was loved.”

Casey’s last five months were spent in the embrace of home hospice, surrounded by her family and friends, creating cherished memories that she described as nothing short of “magical.” Tragically, her declining health prevented her from finishing her post as intended.

Andrew Gregory, her devoted husband of eight years, lamented that Casey had intended to share a list of the comforts and joys that had enriched her life. Heartbroken that he would never see that list, he imagined what it might have included, mentioning their beloved daughter Grace, the awe-inspiring beauty of whales, the simple pleasure of an ice cream cone, cherished friends, serene beach days, the cherished niece and nephews she adored, and the joy of immersing herself in a stack of ten books during a weeklong vacation. He also paid tribute to Casey’s deep love for her parents, sister, and their extended family, her passion for swimming, her penchant for a perfect roast beef sandwich, and, of course, himself, her “sweet sweet honey.”

To keep Casey’s memory alive, Andrew invited her friends to share their own comforting and joyful memories in the comments. The post quickly went viral, drawing thousands of likes and hundreds of touching comments.

Amid the outpouring of love and support, Andrew Gregory, devotedly managing Casey’s Instagram page, shared an obituary that highlighted her role as a beloved family woman and a true New Yorker at heart. Casey derived immense joy from her work in publishing, recognizing herself in every child engrossed in their latest literary adventure, whether sprawled out on a couch, rug, or bunk bed.

Born on February 1, 1985, Casey’s roots stretched from Upper Manhattan to Tenafly, New Jersey, before she embarked on her journey to Agnes Scott College in Georgia. Her marriage to Andrew in 2015 marked the beginning of a beautiful life together. Tragically, in 2019, while undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment, Casey received a stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis, leading to a challenging battle for her life.

She endured a major surgery in January 2020, during which doctors removed cancerous tissues, including a full hysterectomy, part of her spleen, liver, and lung. The road was undoubtedly daunting, but Casey’s resilience and hope shone through. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “These days, I’m feeling more hopeful. Doing IVF back-to-back with cancer treatment made me realize: women go through a lot of hard things and don’t talk about them that much.”

Their journey ultimately led to a moment of pure joy when the couple welcomed their daughter, Grace, into the world in April 2022.

Casey’s family lovingly recalled her as someone who always knew where to find the best magazine selection at local bodegas, the ideal celebrity-spotting restaurants during lunch breaks, and the importance of a warm coat to cover your butt during New York’s chilly winters. But her true gifts and joys lay in her quick wit, infectious laughter, unwavering devotion to family and friends, and her remarkable determination and resilience.

Throughout her battle with cancer, Casey was supported by a world-class medical team in New York City. She expressed special gratitude for her nurses, who, in their unique way, reassured her that she could check in for treatment and then enjoy a shrimp cocktail at P.J. Clarke’s while waiting to start her chemotherapy.

A memorial service to celebrate Casey’s life is scheduled for December 2 at the Prospect Park Boathouse. In a touching gesture, mourners have the opportunity to honor Casey’s memory by anonymously purchasing and forgiving medical debt through the charity RIP Medical Debt. As of Wednesday afternoon, the campaign had already raised more than $44,000, a testament to the enduring impact Casey McIntyre has had on those whose lives she touched.