As it has been over a week since three American friends were found dead in their Airbnb while vacationing in Mexico City, families are understandably desperate for answers.

Kandace Florence, Jordan Marshall (both 28), and Courtez Hall (33) took a trip to Mexico at the end of October to observe Dia De Los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead.

On the evening of October 30th, Florence’s boyfriend was on the phone with her when she started feeling unwell. She told him that something wasn’t right, according to WAVY news.

The call then abruptly ended, and the boyfriend could no longer get a hold of Florence.

The boyfriend contacted the Airbnb host, worried about her safety and asking them to check on her.

Florence, Marshall, and Hall were found dead by local police when they arrived on the scene that night.

The families of the deceased said they contacted the US Embassy in Mexico and traveled to find answers, but there is still no clarity surrounding how their loved ones died.

“The Mexican police were not very forthcoming with information,” Jordan’s mom, Jennifer Marshall said. “Also, the language barrier was incredibly difficult as well.”

Jordan Marshall’s family is still struggling to retrieve his personal belongings, including his wallet and laptop.

Florence’s father, Kelvin, has stated that the families of the deceased in Mexico have not been contacted by anyone in an attempt to ease their pain.

The likely date for when Marshall and Florence’s bodies will be repatriated is in the near future.

Marshall and Florence were born in 2011 and both grew up in the same town of Virginia Bleach. They went to the local high school together and graduated in the same year.

After Marshall finished his schooling, he became a teacher and then eventually moved to New Orleans. There, he met Hall – another educator.

In 2015, Florence earned an associate’s degree in marketing. In 2020, she launched her own candle-making business called Glo Through It.

Freida Florence, the mother of the young entrepreneur, said her daughter was always a “dreamer” who wanted to help others.

Florence would have been 29 years old on Thursday.

Three US citizens died, and the Embassy is “closely monitoring local authorities’ investigation into the cause of death.”