Kidnappings happen all over the world, unfortunately. They can happen anywhere including shopping malls, homes, parks, and even schools. It is important to stay alert of surrounding and have a plan if circumstances led to such tragic events. Unfortunately, students have been the main focus on kidnapping in Nigeria. Recently a large kidnapping took place at a boarding school in Zamfara which is a state part of Nigeria. The school is located in Jangebe town and is the Government Girls Junior Secondary School. 317 girls were woken from their beds one night and kidnapped, including some of those students who were even that were ten years old. School kidnappings often happen in Nigeria, however, this is the most recent to have occurred. Gunmen had charged the secondary school with guns which overpowered the school. The gunmen left with hundreds of girls as hostages. 317 girls that were trying to rest for the next day, awoken in fear and traumatized from this horrific crime.

One girl stated that they had heard endless gunshots. She thought the men shooting the guns were thieves and that running would be a good option. She stated everyone had left leaving her and another student in the room. A gunman had approached her wanting information on the whereabouts of the principal and staff offices. She told the gunman she didn’t know who the principal was and that she was informed her principal was their father. She states her father is who would teach them lessons. The girl was terrified of being wounded by one of the many guns. She stated the gunman had used their guns to scare and threaten the students. The gunman had also committed an attack on a military camp that was nearby. This attack made it for soldiers not to be able to stop the gunman from kidnapping the students. The attack had the soldiers preoccupied trying to defend their camp from the gunman.

Police successfully rescued 279 girls that had been kidnapped by the gunman. The hard work of the police led to the freedom of the majority of the girls that were kidnapped. The Governor Matawalie stated all the girls would have a medical examination before they are able to go back home to their families. He tweeted on Twitter that his heart was happy as the rescued students were back safely. He also stated for other Nigerians to rejoice in the success of the girl returning. The president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari also expressed his gratitude by stating he was joining the celebration of the returned traumatized students. He also advised that citizens of West Africa stay alert and watch for kidnappers and bandits looking for ransom. It is believed that these crimes will proceed without the proper punishment, thus leading more criminals to continue doing these crimes.