“The Lawrence Welk Show” is one that featured classic music and entertainment in the 1950s and 1960s. You can sometimes catch a few reruns of the show today. In most households, everyone would sit in front of the television to sing along with the music played.

The Lennon Sisters were a popular act on the show. They are still singing at some venues across the country. There are three sisters who sing on the stage. You can often find videos of the sisters when they performed their original songs. The Andrews sisters were also popular during the time. They often pay homage to the Lennon sisters.

The show ended in 1982. The Lennon sisters originally had six singers from a group of 11 children in the same family. They started singing on the show at Christmas in 1955 when there were four of them. In 1999, the oldest sister retired.

Now, there are three who still perform at some locations, offering the gently voices that won over the audience decades ago. Many of the people who have watched the videos shared are amazed at the beauty in their voices as they have a harmony that many groups don’t seem to have.