The ridiculousness of the world and human society is something that often distracts people from the truly miraculous events in nature. Most people are moved by beauty wherever it might be, and one sight has recently taken the internet by storm.

Ironically enough, the extreme beauty is the result of a single tree shedding its leaves for winter. The tree in question is a Gingko tree, and it happens to be one of the oldest living things in the world.

The tree is 1,400 years old, and it still produces one of the most amazing sights anywhere in the world.
Gingko trees are well-known for the exquisite beauty that is the result of their precious golden leaves.

Their leaves are one of the most profound shades of pure gold found anywhere in nature, and they loose those leaves every fall season in preparation for the winter.

After the harshness of winter, the golden leaves are regrown and the tree returns to its former glory.
The act of this 1,400-year-old tree shedding its multitude of golden leaves is both ethereal and awe-inspiring.

This tree is located in a Buddhist temple found in the Zhongnan Mountains of China. Tourists from all over the world travel vast distances just to get a glimpse of this glorious tree.

It is thought the tree was planted by the founder of the Tang Dynasty in ancient China, Emperor Li Shimin. The leaves are worth far more than their beauty, as well. They’re used as both medicine and food in classic eastern cuisine and remedies.