There were some amazing moments on TV this week. The first amazing moment is the Erebus Haunted Attraction. It involves time travel and jump scares in downtown Pontiac. There was a funny moment on a live TV broadcast where a reporter got decked by a haunted house actor jumping onto her from behind a screen.

The second crazy moment was when a woman tried to pull the heaviest vehicle ever pulled by someone in heels. The woman who did it talked about what a woman can achieve these days. She pulled a huge truck in heels and did it partly to raise awareness about the homeless population of the city.

There were a lot of people watching it live. A third moment was when people fell over live on television. A woman with blonde hair fell out of her chair, and then her co-anchor and she laughed about it for a few minutes.

Another moment was when a man on TV tried to play Nintendo Wii on live television on a news program. His tennis racket when flying.

This was an accessory that he had attached to the end of the Wii. He didn’t attach it correctly and it went comically flying across the room He then advised the viewer to not make the same mistake as him by ensuring that all accessories were always firmly attached to the Wii. An additional moment was about a TV program where a reporter is talking about a snowy scene where a road was plowed but there was additional snowfall.

The reporter got nailed by snow coming off of a plow live, while it was happening. There was also an amazing moment on a shopping channel where a few women were talking about an inflatable bed that they were trying to sell. They did so by standing on top of it. Eventually, the bed collapsed underneath them while they were talking about it!

There was the Halloween moment where there was an exploding pumpkin being demonstrated on live TV.

A man in a white coat is explaining the exploding pumpkin to a woman wearing a witch hat. He added water and a chemical to the pumpkin. He was trying to shoot out the little pieces of the pumpkin for the mouth and eyes, and instead destroyed the entire pumpkin. Then, there was the moment where a news team was talking about a Ramen Burger.

The funny thing was when one of the women was wearing something that made it look like a shot of a bunch of cars was inside her body. Essentially, it was a green screen snafu. Her green shirt was projecting Hollywood, someone’s face, blurred lines, and so on. It was a gnarly effect.

After that, they showed a child on a talk show who was getting reamed out by a drill instructor. The drill instructor asks him if the child wants the drill instructor to be his “daddy” for the next 8 years, and he says “yes” to comic effect. The final clip had a woman in a bikini talking about the weather in a provocative manner.